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Hey hey - we're the ladies behind Moss Love!


owner // designer // guts of biz

Jacie worked as a textile designer for Target for almost eight years before leaving to pursue Moss Love full time. In addition to running ML, she also created and runs a second biz called Band of Weirdos (classic crazy boss lady aimiright?). She is fueled by a love of connecting with people through art. Her talented hubs, Jp, is a freelance artist and together they are keepin’ a roof over thier heads. They have two cutie chihuahuas and love movie nights on the couch as a little fam.

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production coordinator

Ann Mayhew is the as production coordinator at Band of Weirdos and Moss Love. She also works at the James J. Hill House, a historic house owned by the Minnesota Historic Society in St. Paul. She reviews books regularly for BUST Magazine and is the books editor for the Riveter Magazine. She also works as a freelance book editor, which you can learn more about here. Besides being a total bookworm (clearly), Ann loves history and anything related to the supernatural. Her celebrity crush is definitely Special Agent Fox Mulder. Find her online on Twitter @annmayhew and Instagram @akmay17.

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Moss Love started in 2012 as a personal craft project gone wild. Learning about moss turned into soil all over the house, then thrifting for jars and hunting for figurines. Jacie fell in love with how terrariums can take your mind to happy places - the first ones she created had tiny mossy hills that reminded her of time she spent living in England. Then (naturally) came re-inactments of scenes from her favorite nerdy movies and TV shows (mossy shire... um, perfect??). She got into a popular local craft show, and scared out of her mind, brought 160 terrariums to sell at her table. After seeing the spark light up in people’s eyes as they connected with different scenes, Jacie left with a crazy mossy fever (and no terrariums!). Hours, days, weeks, months, and now years have been spent working with these little worlds and sourcing the best ingredients to use in them (seriously, this gal is picky about her moss aka her “precious”). Jacie and Ann create your terrariums with delicate care and put a ton of love into each order. We hope they’ll remind you of something you love. ♥


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Ann and Jacie work together in a fun studio in Minneapolis, MN, which Ann describes as "a man cave, but for nerdy girls". Things you will find in excess in this space: moss, unicorns, boxes, outer space references, books, glitter, and coffee.